Ever wanted to add a little glam and history to your winter holiday? If yes, you should begin by renting a room(s) in a castle. Now is the time with so many castle owners opening their doors to the pubic.

We at Balissande are happy to report: you’ve got options. Yes! Here are just 5 from a surprisingly longer list than we expected…

Thornbury Castle in United Kingdom


Nestled in southern Gloucestershire, lies Thornbury Castle, a magnificent estate dating back to the 10th century. This castle once owned by Henry VIII is your chance to live like royalty this winter holiday. You can enjoy comfortable four-poster beds, open fireplaces, a dungeon dining room, grand halls, croquet on the lawn, spa treatments, archery, and even falconry at your leisure.



Château de La Barre in France



If you are looking for a chateau that will take you back to the days of reigning french royals and elegantly opulent decor, Château de la Barre is the way to go. This chateau has been the home to the family of Count and Countess de Vanssay for more than 610 years. It is situated on 100 acres and is less than two hours away from Paris.



Belle Isle Castle in Ireland


If you want to book a castle that can accommodate many people this holiday, take a look at Belle Isle Castle. This castle can sleep up to 27 guests. If you are looking for something a little more intimate, Belle Isle is still a wonderful castle to book. It is gorgeous and super tranquil.

Belle Isle is situated in the middle of Lough Erne. It’s a 470 acre estate with a grand history. It has been inhabited since the 12th century and was the home of the MacManus and Maguire families. Throughout the years it has had many additions constructed, making it the stunning castle you see today.



Blairquhan Castle in Scotland

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If you are looking to live like a queen this holiday or at the very least, like an actress in an Oscar-winning movie, Blairquhan Castle is for you. If you haven’t recognized it yet, Blairquhan Castle was Balmoral Castle in the 2006 film, The Queen with Helen Mirren.

Blairquhan Castle is situated on 200 acres in Ayrshire, Scotland. It was first built in 1346 but had to be re-constructed in 1820 due to neglect. This beautiful castle is offering accommodations as well as lunch and dinner for Christmas.

Blairquhan Castle offers 15 bedrooms, modern bathrooms, complimentary wifi, and much more. Check out their home on the web for more information.



Borthwick Castle in Scotland


Just 30 minutes from Edinburgh, Scotland is Borthwick, a 600 year old castle steeped in history. Majestic, luxurious, and elegant, Borthwick with its 11 bedchambers and 3 reception rooms, stands with infinite grace. Its period decor is stunning. And the stories it has to share – from Mary, Queen of the Scots to Oliver Cromwell – should keep you entertained late into the night.

For the ultimate winter holiday getaway, you can rent Borthwick Castle in Scotland for Christmas. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be laird and lady for Christmas!

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