Ever wondered if there was a proper way to wear perfume? If yes, then you’ll be interested to know, there is! We’ve listed 8 basic tips below. So, let’s begin!

  1. Wear less. This is the most important rule for wearing perfume. You don’t want your scent to precede or succeed you. By wearing very little, meaning just a hint of scent, you can skip a lot of the other rules below. The less perfume you wear, the less problems you have to worry about.
  2. If you are young, keep it light. Young ladies should not wear heavy perfume. Instead, they should wear light, fresh, floral, and / or airy perfumes.
  3. Do not wear perfumes with scents that resemble a food dish. A dignified lady doesn’t walk around intentionally smelling like apple pie.
  4. Only wear perfume in the evening. This is an older rule that is not much followed today. If you decide not to follow this rule, we recommend you wear perfumes that are light and airy during the day. We also recommend you use less perfume.
  5. Consider where you are going before putting on perfume. Not all places allow perfume. Make sure you know the rules of the event you are attending before you put on perfume. Also, wear less to no perfume if you are going to an event with a lot of people remaining stationary in an enclosed or tight space, like a church. Someone near you may not enjoy your scent or worse, may be allergic to it.
  6. If possible, avoid inexpensively made perfumes. You should strive to smell expensive, refined, and extraordinary.
  7. Only wear what smells good on you. Just because a perfume is expensive, trendy, or old school, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best scent on you. We all have our own unique body scents. This causes perfumes to smell differently on each person. So, pay attention to what your nose is telling you.
  8. Do not spray perfume outside your home. Perfume is at its highest concentration when you first spray it. You don’t want to overwhelm anyone with your perfume outside your home.