If you are like most people, you have dropped something on the floor in the last month – a pen, paper, coins, your cellphone. If you are around children often, you probably have had to bend down and talk to them or pick up a bottle or pacifier. Bending down is unavoidable. So, every lady should learn the proper way to bend as well as the different options available for picking an item off the floor.

First, let’s start with the different ways it is improper for a lady to bend down to pick up something or talk to a child. A lady should never:

1.. bend at the waist;

2.. bend with her knees wide apart;

3.. bend with her knees separated at a vertical angle – one parallel to ground and one near to or touching the ground.

The shorter the dress or skirt a lady wears, the more she should want to avoid doing the above bends. Too many girdles, panties, and private parts have been shown because of improper bending. Please remember: there’s always someone looking, even if you can’t see the person.


The proper way to bend down can be practiced in 3 steps…

1.. Quickly prepare yourself and the area. Look around. Make sure there is no puddle of water where you want to bend down. Scan the area for anything else that could dirty your clothing or shoes. If you have to move something aside with the front of your shoe, do so gracefully. Don’t bring attention to this act.

2.. Bring your legs together, knees touching. Prepare your legs for the bend.

3.. Gracefully lower yourself to the ground by using your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your knees are still together. Do not slouch while bending. Keep your back as straight as possible until it is time to bend forward in order to talk to a kid or pick something up.

By keeping your knees together as you bend, you are less likely to show your panty. By keeping your back straight as you lower yourself, you will show less breasts to those in front of you. It also looks much more elegant than slouching forward. And by scanning the area first, you are less likely to lower the bottom of your dress into a puddle of dirty water.

The proper way to bend down

If you have enough thigh and knee strength, and if you are wearing an above-the knee dress or skirt – we recommend you keep your thighs parallel to the ground. Do not allow your butt to sink low enough to rest on your heels. By keeping your thighs parallel, you are less likely to show your butt cheeks or panty.

If you look at this picture, you will see a lady bending down properly with her knees together. The only problem is she has lowered her butt to her heels. In an above-the-knee skirt or dress, this position would reveal the back of her thighs, up to the butt cheeks.

When bending, know the knees help to block the view of your butt. But the knees can only block it when your butt is positioned directly behind them. To do this, you must control how low you sink.


Here are a few more tips for bending down:

1.. If you want to improve your bending skills, practice bending in front of a long mirror. This is the best way to see what others are seeing when you bend. Remember to practice with dresses or skirts of different lengths. Also practice with different tops – plunging neck, high-neck, bateau neck, and etc.

2.. If there are men in front of you or if you are wearing a short skirt or dress and you are afraid of showing your panty, you can bend down at an angle, with your knees facing away from the crowd.

3.. Try not to bend if you are wearing a mid- thigh or low-thigh girdle with an above-the-knee skirt or dress. If you must bend, be very careful. Do so slowly, always monitoring what is being revealed. Most importantly, keep the palm of your hands on the back of your thighs, so that the back of your thighs remain covered. The bottom of a girdle is often revealed in the back when ladies are bending.

4.. When wearing a dress or skirt, no matter the length, it is best to place the palm of your hands behind your thighs as you bend down, to keep the back of your thighs covered. If you do this with a longer dress, it will prevent a large portion of your dress from falling onto the ground. For longer dresses, you can also skim the palm of your hands down the back of your thighs to your knees. This will help hook the back of your dress to the back of your knees as you bend.

5. When wearing a low neckline, be careful of revealing your breasts to those standing around you. Even if you keep your back straight, those standing above you will have a generous view down your top. Acknowledge this and plan for it. Princess Diana of Wales was known for using clutch bags to hide her bust when getting out of cars. If you have strong knees and good balance, you can do the same when bending down. If you do not have a clutch in your hands at the time, you can use your hand.


There are times when you will not want to bend down to pick up something. Some reasons would be, you are wearing a very short dress, your knees are weak, your legs are stiff, you are surrounded by men… In cases like these, it is actually best if you find other options. Some options you should consider are:

1.. Ask a gentleman or (much) younger person next to you to pick up the item for you.

2.. Ask a server or worker to help you if you are at a place where you are paying for attentive service like a restaurant.

Please remember when asking for assistance to always be respectful and considerate.



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