In America, perfume is often considered a luxury, left sitting in cabinets and on dressers for years on end. But in many countries around the world like France, perfume is clothing. It is style. It is an essential part of everyday life. Ladies put it on immediately after a morning shower and wear it for all sorts of occasions – from food shopping to going to bed.

How to Wear Perfume by Balissande Finishing School

If you are interested in learning the art of wearing perfume, it is very important to first understand that perfume adds allure to a lady’s presence. It adds mystery, elegance, and savoir-faire. It helps to describe a lady as one who is sensual… who loves to be surrounded by beauty as well as one who is interested in living an elegant life.

So, when applying perfume, remember the allure you are adding to your presence. Remember the elegant presence you want to convey. Do not destroy it by wearing too much perfume or the wrong kind of perfume. For more on this topic, please read Perfume Etiquette.

The right perfume can make a man pause to get a second whiff and a woman stop you on the street to ask for its name. The right perfume and the proper application of it brings admiring attention towards you. So, the second most important tip is to choose a scent that compliments your body’s scent.

Here are 8 more tips that will help you get the most out of wearing perfume..

1.. Do spray or dab perfume lightly onto your inner wrists, inner elbows, behind your knees, or on the pulse points of your neck.

If you want to wear perfume the french way: dab perfume lightly behind your neck, behind your ears, between your breasts, in the navel, on the pulse points on your inner wrists, inside your elbows, and/or behind the knees.

If you are going on a date: consider dabbing perfume lightly on the back of your neck (instead of around your ears), on the small of your back, between your breasts, and behind your knees.

How to Wear Perfume2.. Do not rub perfume onto your skin. Rubbing creates friction. Friction creates heat on the skin. And heat produces natural enzymes, distorting the scent of the perfume. So, avoid rubbing your wrists together or using your fingers to work a scent into your skin.

3.. Do not wear scented moisturizers or lotions with your perfume, unless they are the same fragrance. They will interfere with the scent of your perfume.

4.. Do wear lotions or moisturizers of the same scent as your perfume. Layering a fragrance on your body with different products helps the scent last longer throughout the day. Don’t forget to look for companion oils and shower gels too.

5.. Do spray a scarf or bra with perfume on hot days. This is the best way to maintain the relative purity of your scent. It also will help to keep your scent light, which is essential for hot days. Remember: hot skin, sweat, and body odor will change the scent of perfume on you. And hot, humid weather can make heavy scents feel cloying.

You can also spray your clothes. But be careful. Perfume can discolor or stain fabrics. You can also spray your hair. However, perfume with high alcohol content can dry your hair. And if you use scented products in your hair like conditioner and leave-in sprays – they can interfere with the scent of your perfume.

How to Wear Perfume6.. Do put your lotion or moisturizer on first before your perfume. In order to put lotion or moisturizer on your skin, you must rub it in. And as mentioned above, rubbing causes friction which then, causes heat. So, it’s best to apply perfume after you are finished rubbing your skin.

7.. Do apply perfume right after showering. Damp skin will help lock in the scent better.

8.. Do consider spraying perfume on the insides of your blazers, coats, purses, hats, gloves as well as on handkerchiefs.



1.. If you are interested in creating a unique or mysterious persona, wear perfumes that are not popular. You don’t want your scent to be similar to every other lady you meet.

2.. If you want to create a lasting impression on a romantic partner, wear a unique scent and stick to it. Make it your signature. Spray your bed linens with this scent. Etch your signature scent so far into his mind, that every time he smells it, he will remember you.

3.. If you want to keep your fragrance unique, do not reveal the name of your perfume. You don’t want any one near you to adopt your signature scent.

4.. When creating a signature scent, take into consideration your climate, your profession, and the locations you frequent. For example, if you live in a location that is predominantly hot and humid, you will need to wear less complex and light fragrances more often. So, your signature scent should reflect that.

5.. If you are going on a date, try not to wear perfume around your ears and the sides of your neck. Instead, consider dabbing some behind your neck. The reason for this is some men do not like the taste of perfume. Some even liken it to licking rubbing alcohol.



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