Here at Balissande Finishing School we think it is important for women to invest their energy into relationships that are healthy and loving. This is why we are bringing Brian Nox to your attention.

Brian is on a personal mission to change the way women look at relationships and men. He teaches women how to “get what they deserve, in their love life, in their career, wherever they need it”.

Whether single, in a committed relationship, or married – here are a few videos that we think you should watch. For just a few minutes of your time, we guarantee you will leave with at least one new thought, one new concept, one spark.

“If a man loves you, he will be investing in you… an effort of some sort that costs him something – like watching your favorite tv show.”

“Does he tell you he loves you? Does he hug you affectionately and tell you he loves you?”

“In an assertive way, you say this is what I need. Then you wait. Then you listen. You’re going to look at his actions.”

“You need to compliment his actions. Things that make you proud to be his woman. Then you’ll see more of the same action. … Steer his behaviour by making him feel like a man.”


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