ETIQUETTE: HOW TO SAY A PROPER GOOD-BYEThe final impression you can give a hostess and her guests at an event is your leave-taking. It seems such a minor thing. But in actuality, it means just as much as your entrance and your behaviour throughout the event. It’s essentially the cherry on top.

So, first and foremost, always say good-bye to your hostess (or host) when leaving a party. Do not skulk off. Do not leave a note. Do not wave from across the room. Do not make a fanfare, attracting everyone’s attention. Instead, quietly walk up to your hostess to give a proper good-bye.

And when you are giving your good-bye, please do so with a genuine smile. Do not frown. Do not complain or criticize. Do not offer suggestions of improvement. Do not ask her to pack up food for you to take home. Do not ask her to do anything that requires her to leave the room.

Please be considerate and kind enough to leave your hostess feeling positive about her day and thinking what a great addition you were to her event. It would be ungracious and rude to do otherwise.



If your hostess is speaking with you, wait for a lull in conversation to say good-bye. If your hostess is speaking to another guest, walk towards her and subtly get her attention during a pause in the conversation.

At this point, your good-bye should proceed in 3 easy steps:

1.. Say good-bye;

2.. Thank her for inviting you;

3.. Say you had a lovely time.