Yep, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew it best. If you are looking for a fit that is perfect, seamless, and sleek – shapewear, slips, and granny panties are the best way to go. No matter how expensive an outfit is or how well it fits, if you are the owner of bumps and lumps on your body or wear modern-day panties – some of it will be seen.

If you are a lady who does not care, kudos to you! Quality apparel and wide cuts like those of the A-line dress can hide a lot without the discomfort of shapewear or the expense of slips and granny panties. However, if you are one who wants to have a smoother look in whatever you wear, our grandmothers’ lingerie is the best way to go. Here’s a basic list of undergarments you should consider investing in:


The right shapewear can:

  • make you look slimmer
  • flatten your tummy
  • smooth your bumps and holes
  • provide you firmness while you walk
  • lift your booty
  • eliminate visible underwear lines
  • provide you adequate coverage and support
Skinny Britches® Capri
Skinny Britches® Capri |

The right shapewear can provide you the long, smooth, sleek look you desire. But to get that look, there are rules you should follow. First, buy quality shapewear. This is very important if you don’t want to have any embarrassing incidences.

Second, do not wear girdles that are too tight. If you see any bulging flesh above or below your girdle, know it will be seen underneath your dress, especially while you walk and after you rise from your chair. So, just like with clothing, it is best to wear a girdle that fits your size. If you are intent on wearing a too-tight girdle, please only wear it with a skirt that is wide, like a circle skirt. And don’t forget to wear a thick slip to help hide any lines and bulges it may make.

Also, wear the corresponding girdle for your outfit. For example, don’t wear a mid-thigh girdle underneath pants. Wear a capri girdle instead. Don’t wear a high-waisted girdle with a mid-rise or low-rise pant. Either change your pant or wear a low-rise girdle and a long top. You should always do your best to hide your undergarments from being seen. The same rule goes for wearing a modern-day bra and thong.

Finally, always check your shapewear underneath your clothing in the mirror before you leave your home. See what happens when you bend, lean over, squat, walk, and jump. Can you see your shapewear? Does the hem of your girdle curl up? Does the waist curl down?


The right slip can:

  • hide bumps and bulges
  • provide coverage for your panty, bra, and/or corset underneath thin fabrics
  • hide some panty lines
  • prevent a skirt or dress from digging into the crack of your booty
  • add the look of weight, solidity, and quality to an otherwise thin fabric
  • help a skirt, dress, or pant fall smoothly along your body
  • prevent bodily fluids like leakage and sweat from staining your clothing
  • prevent your legs from being seen when the wind decides to lift up your dress or skirt

The right slip can provide you the smoothness and expensive-look you desire. But to get that look, there are a few rules you should follow. First, buy multiple slips of different fabrics, shapes, and lengths.

White Pin Up Net Petticoat
White Pin Up Net Petticoat | MissHapp @

For example, you can wear an all lace slip underneath a dress of a thick fabric if you want to feel sexy. But for thinner fabrics, you should wear slips of a thicker material to provide more coverage and thickness.

More examples are: if you wear a maxi skirt, wear the corresponding maxi slip with it. If you wear a mini skirt, wear a corresponding mini slip with it. If you want to wear white pants or a trouser without sufficient lining, consider wearing a trouser slip.

Second, if you want your slip to hide more of your bumps and lumps, wear thicker fabric slips. You can also wear slips with crinoline and tulle, that are extra-wide or that have multiple layers. These slips should be worn underneath looser cuts like A-line and circle skirts.


The right corset can:

  • provide you an hourglass shape
  • slim your waist and flatten your tummy
  • lift your breasts
  • increase the size of your breasts
  • provide back support
  • improve posture
Handmade Antique Coutil Fabric Victorian Mid-Bust Corset Steel Boning
Handmade Antique Coutil Fabric Victorian Mid-Bust Corset Steel Boning | LaBelleFairy @

The advantage of wearing a corset instead of a girdle with tummy control can be seen in the back and in the front. First, the corset can flatten your stomach much more than any tummy control provided by a girdle. Also, a well-made corset will not fall or roll down as many girdle tops do.

If you have back fat, girdles with high tops will push your back fat up, creating the bulging effect often seen underneath clothing. Ill-fitting bras can do the same thing. The right corset can eliminate all back bulges by flattening them down.

The key to wearing a corset is to buy different shapes that will not only fit your own unique body shape but also fit the different cuts of clothing you will wear.

For example, if you have a lot of back fat or extra curves, it is best you wear longer corsets so that bulges will not occur on top or at the bottom of the corset. If you want to wear a strapless top or dress, it is best you wear a corresponding strapless corset that gives you the breast support and cleavage you need, without the straps.

If you want to push up your breasts, make sure you buy a corset that does this. Not all do. If you want to increase your breast size, make sure to buy a corset that is padded and that lifts.

For a smooth look, make sure you pair your corset with a slip and/or clothing that is of a thicker fabric. Corsets usually work best under good quality fabrics. Corsets come with strings, lacing and strays. You want to make sure this is not seen underneath your clothing.


The right granny panty can:

  • provide full bottom coverage
  • eliminate unsightly panty lines
  • help with tummy support
  • help to fill in hip dips
  • prevent fabric from digging into the crack of your booty
  • prevent embarrassing incidences during windy moments since they are less revealing than thongs and g-strings

The right panty makes a world of difference. If you like to wear thongs or g-strings than you may want to skip this section. But if you are a woman who doesn’t enjoy wearing these types of underwear, we advise you to consider granny panties.

SIL Retro Full Panty |
SIL Retro Full Panty |

Again our grannies knew it best. One of the reasons why thongs and g-strings were invented was to eliminate panty lines. Well, if you notice vintage fashion pictures, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers didn’t have panty lines showing in their photos. Why? Because the bottom of their panties either fell below their buttocks or fitted right underneath the cheeks of their buttocks.

If you are still shaking your head because you can’t fathom yourself in your grandmother’s plain, boring, white panties, please know that there are cuter and sexier ones on the market today.

Many online lingerie boutiques like Secrets In Lace, Lonely, and Undone are starting to sell the granny panty… a beautiful and updated version of it. Even Gap and Vanity Fair have gotten on board. And Solstice Intimates offers several velvet ones that have a hipster vibe.