Double sided tape should be every women’s best-friend. Unfortunately, many still have no idea it exists, let alone all the ways you can use it to help you dress. So, for those of you who have never heard of this miracle tape or only know of it because of celebrities like the Kardashians, let us introduce you to Double Sided Tape, Women’s Best-friend.

There are three versions of this tape that we know of. There’s the one sold in office supply stores, one sold in fashion accessories stores, and then the one sold in medical supply stores. The easiest one to find is the one sold in your local office supply store. But the best one to buy is at the medical supply store.

If you are an online shopper, also offers a few double sided tapes that range from fashion to medical. Click on the picture below to see their selection.


So, now for what you’ve undoubtedly been waiting for… here are the 12 ways you can use double sided tape!

1.. Plunging Necklines. Double sided tape is probably best known for this type of use. Ever wondered what kept JLo’s breasts covered when she wore that iconic green print Versace dress with the neckline that plunged all the way down to her navel at the Grammy awards in 2000? Double stick tape!

You place the tape on your skin and then the fabric on top of it. This will prevent your bodice from opening up and revealing your breasts.

2.. Hems. Double sided tape can be used to quickly shorten pants or fix a loosened hem. It’s certainly quicker and cheaper than going to a tailor or buying a new item. You can also iron the taped spot to finish the look with a crease.

3.. Wrap Dresses. Ever wondered how to keep your underwear from showing when walking on a windy day with a wrap dress? Double sided tape! You can strategically place a piece where you need to in order to prevent the dress from opening wide.

However, if you are a conservative dresser and want to tape your entire dress down to your knees, it is best you buy another dress that is not in the wrap style. There’s a high likelihood something would look off with that much tape going down the length of your thigh.

4.. Wide skirts and dresses. You should always wear a slip underneath a wide skirt or dress to prevent your underwear from showing when a strong wind passes by. The next reason why wearing a slip would be good is you can tape a piece of your skirt to a piece of your slip to prevent your skirt from flying up. If you do not wear slips, you can also tape your skirt to your panty.

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5.. Moving skirts. Ever seen a women walking in a skirt with her zipper going down one butt cheek instead of down the middle? That’s because the skirt was poorly made. Well, instead of throwing away the skirt or buying a better-made skirt, you can save money by taping the skirt to your panty.

6.. Bra Straps. You can keep your bra straps in place or hidden by taping them to your garment.

7.. Side Boob Gaps. Ever had a dress or top that gaped on the side of your breasts by the armpits. Well, if the gap is not too large, you can tape the gaping part to your breasts or your bra.

8.. Broken buttons. If at the last minute, a button on the back of your skirt has fallen off, you can tape the area where the button should be. A better option would be a safety pin. But if you have no safety pins available, the next option is tape.

This only works for skirts that fit around your waist loosely. If you are bulging out, the tape will give away under such pressure. When using this method also make sure to cover your waist with a top that falls below your waist. A good eye can still see a missing button.

9.. Wrap bodices. If you own a top or dress that wraps too low on your chest, you can tape it shut, higher up. The same goes for a buttoned down shirt.

10.. Button gaps. You can close a gap between buttons with a small piece of tape. If the gap is happening because the top is too tight, it is best you wear another top.

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11.. Gaping pockets. If you have a skirt or pants with pockets that gape open, you can tape them shut. If the gap is happening due to tightness, it is again better that you wear another item.

12.. Shorten a slip. Ever wanted to wear a slip that was longer than your skirt or dress? Well you can tape your slip around the waist line so that its hem lines up with the hem of your skirt the way you desire. Or you can fix the hem of your slip, by shortening it.

Doublestick tape is a miracle. But please remember: always do your best to buy better fitting clothes and to use the service of a tailor for a fit that is more permanent than tape. In the end, good tailoring should be your goal.