Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s that time again – to take out the bins and start storing away our cherished summer apparel and accessories. But with temperatures still hitting the 90s this year, it’s proving difficult for many of us to transition into fall style. So, we decided to search the web for pre-fall fashion that will hold up in warm temperatures, but will still provide that feel of fall.

Before we share our finds, we want to remind you that clothing should reflect the season. Fall in America is experienced through the changing of Earth’s colors, for example leaves that change from green to oranges, yellows, and then, browns. Fall is moody and many of the colors reflect that feel… very different from summer, when colors are bright and vibrant, and Earth looks alive and thriving.

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Nothing describes autumn colors like jewel tones. But because we are in pre-autumn, we went looking for that in between – a mix of summer and autumn. From low-end to high-end stores, here is what we found…

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

Nordstrom: Gal Meets Glam Collection Beth V-Back Dress $178 | Jewelry Warehouse: 10K Yellow Gold 20mm Flat Polished Hoop Earrings $39 | Aldo: Iboeniel $40 | Etsy: BellaLanaJewelry Bangle Bracelet, 14K Gold Vintage Bracelet, Yellow Gold $400 | Aldo: Fiollaw $90

If you think this dress is cute, wait until you see the back. That’s what we love so much about this dress. The front is demure with its high-neck and prairie print while the back is shaped in a V, showing bare skin until just below the shoulder blade. And at the end of the V is a bow. How cute is that!

Since it’s after Labor Day, we bypassed the white sandal suggestion Nordstrom offered with the photo and went with a pinkish nude color. It helps bring out the pink colors in the dress. It also adds an extra touch of femininity, not that the dress needs anymore. We accessorized with a gold bangle and hoop earrings to match the gold bangle on the flap of the purse. Because the dress is so full of print, we only chose one medium-sized bangle instead of a stacked version. The dress has a heavy print and we didn’t want to add any more print or competition by loading up the wrists with bracelets. However, if desired, we believe 3 thin bangles would do well too.

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

FOREVER 21: Contemporary Jersey Maxi Dress $17 | OVERSTOCK: 14k Yellow Gold Cultured Pearls Mother of Pearl Dangle Earrings $40 | AMAZON: Loni Women’s Neat Envelope Faux Suede Clutch Bag/Shoulder Bag $29 | FOREVER 21: Faux Suede Ankle-Strap Platform Sandals $32

For this look, we went with nude colors, perfect for warm autumn weather. It’s darker than white, but not too dark if you still want to keep summer fashion going. This outfit styling has a minimal but soft look that can be absolutely stunning on the right shape. We chose suede shoes because of the “no patent leather after Labor Day” rule that many follow. We finished this look with a pair of beautiful 14 karat pearl earrings. They add an old-world elegance and quality to the outfit.

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

Modcloth: Twirl Back in Time Fit and Flare Dress in Beige Floral $79 | JC Penny: Pink Cultured Freshwater Pearls 14K Gold 7mm Stud Earrings $44 | Zappos: Vivienne Westwood Long Wallet with Chain Balmoral $165 | DSW: Kelly & Katie Kirstie Sandal $49

We are in love with the floral pattern on this dress. Since the print is so heavy, we decided to accessorize this dress with minimalism in mind. We knew we wanted nude colors. So, we first chose these simple pearl stud earrings in a pink shade to bring out the pink in the dress. We, then found shoes and a purse in a similar color. We didn’t add any bracelet or ring,  but you certainly can. All we recommend is that you keep it simple. Allow the beautiful pattern to take center stage.

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

Nordstrom: Gal Meets Glam Collection Kaye Belted Fit & Flare Dress $158 | Kay Jewelers: Ball Stud Earrings 8mm 14K Yellow Gold $84 | Aldo: Gismondi $50 | Kay Jewelers: Rosetta Link Bracelet 10K Yellow Gold 7.5 Length $299 | Aldo: Fiollaw $90

This dress would make for a great end of summer dress. It’s the perfect in-between. The color is not the vibrant blues of summer skies. Instead, it’s a soft blue with a gray tint, reflecting the dullness of the sky’s color during fall and winter in many states across the US.  For that reason, it’d also make for a beautiful spring dress.

We accessorized this dress with gold jewelry and blush nudes. We chose these gold studs earrings for their simplicity. We accompanied it with a Rosetta link bracelet for added detail. We wanted to add some intricacy to the minimalism of the outfit. We further accessorized with a duo-tone nude purse. We love this purse and thought its duo-tone would add even more interest to the outfit. And we have the extra benefit of its gold chain strap and lock matching the jewelry. We finished the look with matching heels from the same company.

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

Nordstrom: Gal Meets Glam Collection Kaye Belted Fit & Flare Dress $158 | JTV: BGW834 – 14k Yellow Gold Square Stud Earrings $38 | Mango: Sash Belt $29 | JTV: AU187A – 10k Yellow Gold Hollow Rolo Singapore Love Bracelet Set Of Three $119 | Mango: Flap Chain Bag $29 | Nordstrom: Steve Madden Stecy Sandal $39

Another reason why we love this dress is for its versatility. In this picture, we show how you can change its look to one that fits a night-time outing. Because of the purse, we again chose gold jewelry. We chose these particular studs because of their great price and simplicity. But if you want to jazz up the look, small to medium-sized hoops would look great too

Then, we added color and contrast to the dress with this sash belt. We chose this one in particular because of its construction. It can go over the dress’ belt loops. The average belt would need black belt loops sewed in to keep the end of the belt from sticking out. The other benefit for wearing a black belt is it makes the waist look smaller. We finished this look with a black purse and heeled sandals.

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

Elie Tahari: Bridget Dress $298 | Aldo: Gismondi Bag $50 | Kay Jewelers: Ball Stud Earrings 8mm 14K Yellow Gold $84 | Kay Jewelers: Bangle Bracelet Set 10K Yellow Gold $609 | Aldo: Jolivet Shoes $110

We love the Bridget dress. It’s so light and elegant. Its A-line cut would be flattering on most body shapes. And it’s the perfect length for that youthful look. We paired it with nude shoes and a matching duo-tone bag. We finished the look with gold studs and bangles. We chose the ball studs because they matched the ball stud trimming on the shoes. The great part about these shoes is that you can wear pantyhose with them. Nude pantyhose would be a perfect addition for ladies who want to create a more toned and smoother look.

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

Oasis: Prarie Frill Dress $72 | JTV: Orange Sphalerite Stud Earrings 1.92ctwOrange Sphalerite Stud Earrings 1.92ctw $195 | DSW: B.O.C. Botanica Crossbody Bag $49 | JTV: Orange Sphalerite Solitaire 10K Gold Ring 2.12ct $288 | Nordstrom: Steve Madden Mary Ankle Strap Wedge $89

Here’s another great fall transition look. This dress would be perfect for semi-casual evening outings when it’s warm enough to wear sandals but chilly enough to wish for long sleeves. As for accessories, we went on a hunt for rich browns and fell upon these beauties. We are seriously in love with this brown color. And we loved pairing this brown with denim.

For this outfit we didn’t choose a suede bag to match the suede sandals. When we saw that bag, we fell in love with its etchings and knew we had to pair it with those shoes. As for the jewelry, we chose them to dress the outfit up and turn it into something you could wear to a semi-casual evening event or a date. We made sure to choose the simplest of jewelry settings in order to not throw the outfit off. Pairing fine jewelry to denim apparel can be tricky. If you are looking for another way to jazz up this dress, scroll to the next picture…

Pre-Fall Fashion Finds, 2018

Oasis: Prarie Frill Dress $72 | JTV: DOCS975 – 14K Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings $76 | Aldo: Iboeniel $29 |JTV: Orange Sunstone Solitaire 10K Gold Ring 1.25ct $254 |  Aldo: Kaaedia $74

In this picture, we chose dark brown heeled sandals because it’s still hot out. But if you live very north and the nights are already cold for you, know that ankle boots in the same color would do just as well with this look. We also chose an animal print bag with a brown color that matched the sandals. We think the bag is fun and perfect for going on a date or to a bar. What we like most about this look is the pairing of animal print (wild) bag to the conservative-mess of this dress. We find it an interesting contrast. As for the accessories, we wanted hoop earrings that would match the gold ring on the front of the purse and a brown gemstone to match the other accessories.


Intermix: Saloni Rose Midi Dress $650 | Zappos: Vivienne Westwood Long Wallet w/ Chain $165  | Kay Jewelers: Twisted Hoop Earrings 14K Yellow Gold $297 | Kay Jewelers: Bangle Bracelet Set 10K Yellow Gold $609 | Tom Ford: Rose Gold Padlock Naked Sandal $1090

We love this red dress because it brings to mind salsa dance and nights drinking mojitoes in Cuba. We also love how flirty but demure it is – allowing for multiple uses. In this styling, we accessorized this dress with a nude purse and sandals. Nude helps tone down bright colors. And that’s what you want if you wear this dress in the afternoon, before it turns dark. We chose these smooth bangles for two reasons. First, they are just so much fun. Second, because of the fabric of the dress. Whenever an apparel has holes sewn into a fabric, never wear rings or bracelets that can snag the material.


Intermix: Saloni Rose Midi Dress $650 | Nordstrom: Mulberry Amberley Calfskin Leather Clutch $650| Kay Jewelers: Ball Stud Earrings 10mm 14K Yellow Gold $179 | Neiman Marcus: Marco Bicego Cairo 18k Thirteen-Strand Bracelet $12830 | Tom Ford: Gold Padlock Naked Sandal $1090

We love this look for a night out on the town. It’s sexy and glamorous. Because this dress is a midi dress, we chose Tom Ford’s Padlock Naked Sandal again. Its high heel will prevent the length of the dress from looking too demure. The gold heel is flashy, screaming “look at me while I walk”. We only encourage this sentiment at night in an appropriate venue, ladies, when you are indeed looking for some attention.

The great thing about this outfit is again the length of the dress. The length prevents these ultra high gold heels from screaming “hootch-mama”. For this reason, we also chose a beautifully unique bracelet. It’s large enough to attract attention, but its unique design turns the attention into consideration. This bracelet has an old-world rustic feel, like from the Bronze age. Because there’s so much gold in this outfit, we chose gold studs instead of hoop earrings. To finish the look, we chose this black and gold Mulberry bag. It doesn’t have the same lock as the one on Tom Ford’s sandals, but it’s gold and similar enough to satisfy our style needs.

Well, that’s it for now! We hope you found something you liked in our list of finds. And we hope, at the very least, these styling examples and Autumn’s never-ending gifts of beauty inspire your Autumn style this year. Have a happy weekend ladies!





*We, at Balissande Finishing School, believe when possible ladies should buy real metal, gemstone, and pearl jewelry, not fake. Real metals like gold and silver are an investment, gold more than silver. They also have a longer lifespan than fake jewelry. For this reason, we will be recommending real metal jewelry in the majority of our fashion collages.

** We have not bought any of the above items. So, we do not verify the quality, authenticity, or fit of the products recommended.

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