There are many ways to wrap presents today. In this article, we will cover the various ways that are available online. Some are traditional and some, non-traditional. But each are elegant in their own way.


Wrapping paper is an easy and traditional way to wrap gifts. It is often used during the Holidays. So, when many think of wrapping paper, they think of red and green papers with Holiday symbols and wording. But there are many more than those in the market. There are beautiful, unique, and down-right luxurious ones to choose from today. Here are a few…

Zazzle: Silver gold marble wrapping papers by luxury_luxury

Gold and damask papers by  LuxePaperie.com

Amazon: Elegant embossed papers by Exotic Decorative Paper


If you are gifting something that does not come in a box, consider using a gift box.  Presents should always be wrapped neatly and with symmetry. And gift boxes are very helpful for that. You can buy these boxes in most places that sell gift wrapping and packaging products. For better quality, you can buy premium boxes online at stores like Gogopak.com, BagsAndBowsOnline.com, and BedBathandBeyond.com.

White One-piece and Two-piece Gift Boxes by BagsAndBowsOnline.com

If you do not want to wrap your gift or gift box, there are gift boxes that don’t need to be wrapped. Some only need a ribbon tied around them, and some nothing at all. In these cases, it’s all about the design and the quality of the box. If your gift is heavy, make sure your gift box can handle the weight. If your gift is bulky, make sure it doesn’t poke through the box or leave unsightly bulges. Here are some gift boxes that do not need to be wrapped…


Amazon: BAKHUK White Boxes Gift Boxes 12 Pack 8x8x4 Inches

Luxury Gift Box, plain white with white ribbon for you to decorate yourself, ideal Wedding or Christmas

Etsy: Luxury Gift Box in Plain White w/ White Ribbon by BeauAndBellaUK

Luxury Rose Gold Box with Ribbon - Pink Gift Box

Etsy: Luxury Rose Gold Box with Ribbon – Pink Gift Box by Popsupplies


AliExpress: 20*14*4cm Large White Kraft Paper Gift Bag Packaging Box

Amazon: Alef Elegant Decorative Themed Nesting Gift Boxes


If you are looking for a more unique gift box, consider ones made of leather or wood. There are many on the market now, some even with designs etched into them. If you have time, you can also have one personalized. Engraving a sentimental note or literary quote is always a nice touch. What’s wonderful about this format of gift packaging is its re-usability. It can be re-used and re-purposed many times over.


Etsy: Wood Memory Box, Keepsake Box by PrisadPersonalDesign


Barneys New York: Croc-Embossed Leather Large Box


Whether you want to box, wrap, or cover your gift in tissue paper, gift bags are always a nice addition. There are so many options when presenting your gift with a bag. Here are a couple of traditional ones…


Rodeo Drive Bags by BoxAndWrap.com


AliExpress: Fashion Large Size Present Box For Pajamas Clothes Books Packaging


If you want to double gift or use a bag that is footprint-friendly, consider using a re-usable bag to wrap your gift. You can use them the same way you would use a traditional gift bag. Wrap your gift in tissue paper; place the wrapped gift in the re-usable bag; then stuff the bag with tissue paper.

Jute totes, shopping bags, leather purses – there are many re-usable bag choices. Some companies will even allow you to personalize them with emblems, names, quotes, and short messages. Here are a few options…


Amazon: Earthwise Reusable Grocery Bag Shopping Box Deluxe Collapsible Pink Plaid Fashion Tote with Reinforced Bottom


Etsy: Vertical Name Personalized Tote


Etsy: White Leather Tote Bag by KeepAnEyeLeather


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