Ever had your skirt fly up to your waist, revealing your panty? Ever wondered if there was a fashion hack for keeping skirts and dresses down? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We, at Balissande Finishing School, are happy to say there is indeed a way to solve this issue. Dress weights!


Dress weights, also known as hem weights, are weighted items that you can either sew into or tape onto your dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants. Their purpose is to weigh a fabric down so that it won’t fly up with the wind. They can also help prevent your clothing from rising as you walk, laying on your body weird, and sticking to your bum. It’s one more way to provide quality to any fabric you wear.

Hem weights are not new. Antique dealers have come across many dresses of the 1800s that had them sewn into the hem of the dresses. The weighted cord dressmakers used then helped to weigh dresses down as well as give shape.

Today, we are lucky to have many options, from sew-in weights to stick-ons. Our top advice is to take your clothing to a tailor and get weights sewn-in. If sewn-in well, the weights will not show, whether in glaring sunlight or while sitting down. You also won’t have to worry about them falling off.

Here are 4 hem weights currently on the market:


100 Pack Lead Sew In Circular Weights Hem 55gm 3/8 Seamstress Cloths @ khonanpai
Amazon: 100 Pack Lead Sew In Circular Weights Hem 55gm 3/8 Seamstress Cloths @ khonanpai

These weights can be sewn at strategic points along the hem. A few can also be sewn down, along the seams, towards the bottom, if you need extra weight. The benefit of these weights are in the sewing. You won’t need much threading to hold them in. They are also small and thus, less visible if you decide to not cover them with fabric.


Leaded Weight Drapery Tape 1/8 Wide 72 Yards

Amazon: Wrights Leaded Drapery Tape 1/8″x72″ yd @ Wright Products

This weight is best when used with custom-made or hand-made clothing. Meaning: these types of weights need to be covered with fabric and that’s best done with the original fabric as seen in the above picture. If you have a dress or skirt that can be shortened, you can shorten it by using some of the fabric to wrap around the cord, as seen in the picture above.


Small coins from your wallet can be sewn into hems by sewing fabric patches around them.

Yes, you heard right! Small coins… pennies and dimes… they can be sewn onto your hem by taking a patch of fabric in a similar color as your apparel and then sewing the patch around the coin onto your apparel. You can sew a box (with 4 sides) or an open box (with 3 sides – allowing you to remove and replace coins whenever you desire.)


AMAZON.COM : Dress Downs Garment Weight

Stick-on weights are affordable, quick, and easy. We do not think they are the best way to go. But we believe they are a viable option. Take a look at the video below to decide for yourself.