Flower arrangements are great ways to add beauty and natural scents to your home. They are especially useful on dining room tables. They can make a plain table look whimsical, luxurious, elegant, or even rustic. That’s the power of flower arrangements!

For these reasons, we believe every lady should know how to make her own flower arrangements. Below, we’ve gathered three videos to teach you the basics. Enjoy!

I find flower arranging to be hard and frustrating sometimes so I wanted to make a video showing easy tips to make it fun. This flower arrangement was inspired my my sisters wedding bouquet that she had at her wedding in Paris. –Theodore Leaf

Low floral centerpieces are the perfect tabletop decoration for a dinner party or luncheon. Your guests will enjoy their beauty without having to crane their necks to see their companions across the table. Floral designer Rebecca Cole uses floral foam to make a perfect low centerpiece.

Love flowers, but not sure about how to arrange them? During Art in Bloom, visitors can learn how to design with flowers from the MFA Associates, a group of dedicated volunteers who lead gallery tours and create the Museum’s flower arrangements. Until then, let one of our MFA Associates show you how to make a flower centerpiece!