Table napkins are great ways to add beauty and art to your dining tables. They can make a plain table look whimsical, luxurious, elegant, or even rustic. That’s the power table napkins can have when folded properly! For these reasons, we believe every lady should know how to fold table napkins. Below, we’ve gathered two videos to teach you the basics. Enjoy!


Looking to impress friends or relatives at an upcoming formal dinner? We have the top 10 most common napkin styles that you should really learn. If you do one, we’d love to see your pictures of it. #mountaintopchef

Hey yall! YES it is almost that time of the year where we host tons of gatherings at home. IT really is all about FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, and company 🙂 I have a DIY Napkin folding tutorial for you all . THere are 6 easy ways to fold napkins and show off your awesome hosting skills. This is also suitable for any other events such as a DIY wedding, dinner parties, or really any time you want your table to look oh so fancy and BEAUTIFUL !