Giving gifts to friends and family can be a difficult pursuit, especially if you want them to really enjoy your gifts. So, we’ve gathered a few basic tips to help you master the art of gifting. Let’s get right to it!

1.. Get to know the person you are gifting. Ask questions that will teach you what that person enjoys, needs, or aspires to. It’d also be a great time to learn what the person doesn’t want in their life like alcohol, candy, or books.

2.. Then, gift the person what he/she wants or needs.

These two tips are the most important tips to remember. If you really care, you will want to present a gift that the receiver can actually use and will enjoy using it. And you will want to see a genuine smile on the receiver’s face when they receive the gift.

Giving the right gift is very important among family and friends, as well as acquaintances. The right gift will let your name be remembered with fondness. The rewards are infinite. So, here are few more basic tips to further guide you in choosing a gift.

1.. Avoid gifting homemade items for people you do not know intimately, unless requested. Many people are uncomfortable eating or using homemade products from people they do not know well. This can be for safety or sanitary reasons.

2.. Do not give a decor-related gift unless you are certain the individual has room for it, has requested it, is still decorating, and/or really will enjoy it. Also, you should make sure the gift will complement their decor scheme. Many hostesses have already decorated their homes. And one more item could be considered clutter. So, such gifts are often re-gifted.

3.. Avoid gifting personal items like lingerie and sex toys.

4.. Never gift beauty products from cheap brands. Many of these products cause allergic reactions. And you do not want to be remembered for causing that.

5.. Even if a product is commercially made, it is better to gift it in commercial wrapping. For example, don’t remove cookies from their sealed package and put them in another. People may not trust them and thus may not eat them.

6.. Do not gift sanitary products to non-intimate friends and family. For example, do not give a body soap to your partner’s employer as a hostess gift.

7.. The easiest gifts to present are flower bouquets and gift baskets with quality commercially-packed foods and beverages.