“According to the Boston Consulting Group, between 2010 and 2015 private wealth held by women grew from $34trn to $51trn. By 2020 they are expected to hold $72trn, 32% of the total. And most of the private wealth that changes hands in the coming decades is likely to go to women.” – from The Economist

WHY WOMEN SHOULD INVEST & HOW: THE BASICSWomen’s financial wealth is on the rise. And yet, when it comes to investment, there is still a large gender gap. Where is their money being spent?

With women’s growing wealth and independence, we think it is very important for more women to start thinking about the power of their money, where their money is being spent, and how to get better returns.

Women are outliving husbands and many younger ones are either divorcing their husbands or postponing marriage. This means, women today are spending more time than ever outside of a male’s guaranteed financial support.

Many women are also finding themselves in the role of sole-supporter for their family. So, what does that mean in terms of money… What happens if they lose their job? Where will they get the money to buy their dream home? Will they leave an inheritance behind for their children? Where will they get the money to pay for their children’s college tuition?

Now, that women are taking on more responsibilities, these are questions they must address, and must do so carefully. Whether for family, better financial return, women empowerment, professional advancement, traveling, exercising the right to be human or female, or just something new to do – investing is something every women should consider, even college students.

So, this year, we will be adding a series of articles and videos on investment. We will begin today, with the basics by TDAmeritrade on YouTube.




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