Hello ladies! We are excited to say, we now have a tutorial available for designing and hosting dinners. You may be asking: how is it different from the articles we have already posted on this site for dinners?

FINISHING SCHOOL TRAINING: HOW TO DESIGN & HOST SOCIETY DINNERSWell, this course is an intensive level course created for ladies who have the desire to hostess successful dinners for professional reasons like work, fundraising, introductions, marketing, and etc. It was also created for ladies who want to become leading society hostesses – whose invitations are highly sought after, whose home becomes a fashionable venue to visit, and whose dinners become legend.

“Society hostesses are not born. They are made.”

This tutorial has 20+ lessons and is much more in-depth than anything you’ll find on this blog. It includes downloads, exercises, secret boards, recommendations, and so much more! It covers various topics… go ahead and take a closer look by clicking here!

This course is a great way to begin 2019. There’s so much to learn and so many skills to work on… If you start now, you’ll be ready for spring.