Starting and maintaining a great conversation can be difficult. There are so many rules to remember. So, in this post, we will be narrowing down some quick don’ts for you.

1.. Do not yell or speak too loud. If you see people wince when you raise your voice or look at you from the across the room, know you are talking too loud.

2. Do not repeat “yes, sir” and “no, sir” or “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am” in a conversation. Also, do not repeat the name of the person you are speaking with in a conversation. Avoid saying something along the lines of: “Yes, Mrs. Smith… Yes, Mrs. Smith… You are very right, Mrs. Smith…

. 0 . adult-beautiful-brunette-1549280 .1.3. Unless talking to intimate friends, do not use slang in a conversation. It is easy to misinterpret slang words. And it is the worse thing to have someone walk away from a conversation with a misconception that could have been avoided with academic words.

4. Do not argue. You may debate, but you should never argue in public. It is better to state your point, listen to the other person’s point, and then to re-direct the conversation.

5. Do not speak with shifty eyes. Always look at the person with whom you are speaking. Don’t constantly shift your eyes to a spot behind, to the left or right of a person.

6. Do not fidget while you talk or while someone else talks. Don’t adjust your clothing, jewelry, and hair constantly. These are ticks and they can be distracting. They are also signs of discomfort that others may notice and register.

7. Do not shift your legs often when speaking. If sitting, do not repeatedly cross and uncross your legs. If you are standing, do not repeatedly shift from one foot to another, as if dancing. This is distracting. However, being too stiff is off-putting. So, find a balance between the two.

8. Do not use disrespectful words. Now, this advice is relative and subjective. We can guarantee the question of what is disrespectful or not can be argued for days between grandparents and their grandchildren. So, always be aware of who you are talking to and how each person should be addressed.

9. Do not curse. Swearing is bad for so many reasons. It’s distracting, offensive, ungraceful, limiting, and not enlightening.

conversation etiquette from downton abbey, Dowager Countess