It’s hard to know which guy is right for you and which is not. This is why dating is so important if you are not friends first. When dating someone new, you must arrange time to see him at different hours of the day and in different occasions. You must see how he reacts to different situations; how he behaves in good times as well as bad times; and how he treats others, not just you.

In the first weeks of dating, a lady should be asking herself these questions….

WHAT TO ASK AT THE BEGINNING OF A RELATIONSHIP: 19 QUESTIONS1.. Is communication easy? Is he able to communicate with me his thoughts, needs, and experiences?

2. Does he only visit or call me at late hours?

3. When he visits me, does he often have roving hands? Does he make me feel uncomfortable, disrespected, or sexually harassed in any way?

4. Does he arrive on-time when we have an arranged meet? Does he go to work on time? If your man can go to work consistently on time, he can do the same for you.

5. Does he have good hygiene? Does he bathe and brush his teeth often?

6. Does he smell good?

7. Does he dress himself with clean and well-maintained clothing?

8. Does he respect his elders, family and non-familial? Does he listen carefully to what they have to say?

9. Does he have a good relationship with his parents and sibling?

10. Does he ever behave like a child who never wants to grow up? Would this behavior in any way negatively effect my [future] children?

11. Does he have goals or is he aimless? If he does, do I approve of them? And how is he working on them?

12. Do we share goals?

13. Is he courteous with me as well as with other ladies? Does he behave with respect?

14. Is he valiant? Is he willing to defend my honor as well as my rights? Is he willing to defend others? When we say defend, we don’t mean fighting. Fighting should always be the last resort. Instead what we mean is he willing to step up and speak or write in defense of you to his parents, friends, or acquaintances. Will he stand for what is right and just?

15. Does he spend beyond his financial means? Does he have a lot of debt?

16. Does he gamble often?

17. Does he get intoxicated or high on drugs regularly?

18. Have I ever felt threatened by him?

19. Do I feel loved, cherished, and respected by him?

A man who does not behave well or make you feel loved and respected should be eliminated from your list of partners. Otherwise, such relationships will only cause you emotional harm, public disrespect, loss and disappointment in the end. So, when asking yourself these question, be honest with yourself. See and acknowledge the truth. And don’t make excuses.