There is an old rule that says: a lady never allows the public to see any part of her underwear, including her bra. Underwear is meant to be that… under clothing and hidden to the public.

This means when wearing a bra with straps, the straps should be tucked well underneath the shoulders of a dress. And they should be adjusted well so that they never slip off her shoulders in public. Yes, according to older customs, bra straps should be hidden at all times. Imagine a queen walking around with purple bra straps visible to all and sundry.

Admittedly, this rule has been relaxed, but only for informal events. For all other events and occasions like professional office settings, semi-formal lunches, tea parties, and formal dinners – ladies should follow this rule. So, here are a few tips….

1.. Wear proper fitting bras. Not all bra sizes, shapes and styles are meant for everyone. For example, bra styles that position the straps at the outer end of the shoulders are more likely to fall off the shoulders of one who is petite or narrow in the shoulders.

2. Do not wear old bras. Throw out all your bras that have lost their elastic, firmness, and support.

3. As mentioned above, adjust your bra straps until they are snug enough on your shoulders. If they are too lose, they will slip down.


4. Use pin-in lingerie strap keepers. These are thin pieces of fabric that you pin into the shoulders of your top, on the inside, using a safety pin. Once you are done pinning the strips, all you have to do is put on your bra and snap the press fastener around each bra strap. Make sure your pinning does not make the fabric of your bodice pucker. No one needs to know you pinned your bra straps.

You can see how it is down in the picture on the left.

You can also pin the keepers around your bra straps while wearing the top or dress. But be careful. This method may prove to be more difficult than the former.

Pin-in strap keepers usually come in 3 colors – black, white, or nude. And they are usually washable.

The straps featured to the left are by Pyrm. They have several versions available. And they can be bought on Amazon.com or on their website, Pyrm. com.

5. Use racerback clips to clip your bra straps together in the top center of your back. This method only works with tops and dresses that give full back or racerback coverage.

6. Use double-sided tape. You can stick a piece of tape between your garment and your bra strap. Make sure the tape is extra-duty.

7. Use a safety pin. You can pin your bra straps to your garment using tiny safety pins. This is an easy and quick way to keep your straps in place. But make sure, the pins do not leave holes in the fabric. Also, make sure your pinning does not make the fabric of your bodice pucker. No one needs to know you pinned your bra straps.

8. Sew lingerie strap keepers into all your sleeveless shirts and dresses. This is the best way to keep your straps from falling or showing. For convenience sake, you can also have your tailor sew them in for you.

Many dresses in the past used to come with these already sewn in. Some still do. Take a look at your dresses and see if you find any. Most people today overlook these fashion additions.

Sew-ins come in two ways. One has both ends of a thin piece of fabric sewn across the the inside of the shoulder of a bodice. With this method, you have to wear a convertible bra or one that allows you to hook and un-hook your straps. With the second method, only one end of the fabric is sewn-in into the shoulder of the bodice. The other end has a snap that allows you to snap the fabric around your strap. Here is a video of what sew-in strap keepers look like and how to do it.