If you don’t already decorate your home with flowers every week, spend this month doing so. Choose flowers that will fit well below your budget. Then, decide the best spots to put them in your home – the places they will prove the most useful in cheering up your home and its occupants. Then, make your floral arrangements in a way that complements the spot or room you will be placing them.

Each week this month, please…

1.. Choose a different flower or color of flower, if your budget or garden allows it. This will help you see which colors best fits your home’s color scheme as well as which is better for spreading scents, lightening up moods, lasting longer, and meeting your budget. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with different flowers.

Make your Home with Flowers, Part 22. Try a different floral arrangement design. This will help you to become a better florist. It’s important for ladies to familiarize themselves with different flower arrangements – simple ones as well as grand ones, minimal colors as well as multi-colored, inexpensive ones as well as luxurious ones. As a lady, you never know when you will need to make an arrangement on the spot – for yourself or another. So, don’t leave this ability solely to a florist or maid.

3. Place your arrangement in a different spot around your home – on the entrance table, in the dining room, on a center table, in your bedroom…. Pay attention to how it makes your home feel – for yourself, for others living with you, and for guests. This is a great way to figure out what works best.

4. Take notes. Consider this a science experiment on homemaking. So, make sure to keep notes on your findings. Did the arrangement make you smile? Did it scent your home? Did you like the scent? Did your home feel lighter, livelier, or more cheerful? Did anyone speak of it? Did this spot work better or worse than the previous? Did the arrangement complement the spot? Was it too small, too big, or the perfect width, height, and amount? Were the colors complementing? Would another color have been more complementing?

Make your Home with Flowers, Part 2

Remember the primary purpose of placing flowers in your home is to bring cheer, beautiful scents, and a bit of nature into your home for you and your family. A happier home is a happier you. And a happier you is a happier family.

The secondary purpose will take you beyond the role of homemaker, towards the role of becoming an exceptional hostess. Knowing how to choose the right flowers, the right floral arrangements, for the right spot can make a positive difference in any social event you host in your home or at another location. This is why many ladies in the past took time to study this art, or at the very least, observe enough to be able to tell what is tasteful and appropriate and what is not.

Never fool yourself into thinking flowers have no importance. The right flowers can make all the difference.

If you are new to arranging flowers, check out our article on making simple floral arrangements.