If you are looking for more floral arrangement ideas, here are a couple of short videos to watch. For this post, we specifically focused on romantic rose arrangements that can be placed anywhere in your home. And one of the best YouTube accounts for this look is Astar’s Place. Let’s begin!

Simple Round Rose Arrangement Floristry Tutorial

Simple Rose Basket Arrangement Floristry Tutorial

For more videos, please visit Astar’s Place where you will find videos on a plethora of arrangements, i.e. pine cones with cinnamon sticks, succulents with candles, cotton flowers with berries, bell pepper with oranges, lavender with daisies, grapes and autumn flowers, elder flower and pink roses, cotton flower with willow, and much much more.




Remember the primary purpose of placing flowers in your home is to bring cheer, beautiful scents, and a bit of nature into your home for you and your family. A happier home is a happier you. And a happier you is a happier family.

The secondary purpose will take you beyond the role of homemaker, towards the role of becoming an exceptional hostess. Knowing how to choose the right flowers, the right floral arrangements, for the right spot can make a positive difference in any social event you host in your home or at another location. This is why many ladies in the past took time to study and observe this art form.

Never fool yourself into thinking flowers have no importance. The right flowers can make all the difference.