We haven’t done a dining etiquette post for awhile. So, today we’d like to re-visit some dinner etiquette rules.


1.. Do not bite into a bread roll. Instead, break off a piece of your bread and eat it.

2. Do not butter a large piece of bread and then bite into it. Only butter the small piece you broke off.

3. Do not gesticulate with your knife or fork in your hand, nor hold them pointing upward.

4. Do not load up your fork with food before you are ready to eat. Only pick up food when you are ready to convey it to your mouth.

5. Do not blow on your tea or coffee. If it is a hot, it is better to wait until it cools off.

6. Do not tip your chair back. Do not lounge back either.

7. Do not roll up your sleeves at the dining table as if you are about to take on a heavy or dirty task.

8. Do not shout out: “waiter” at a restaurant. Instead, try to get his attention with your eyes.

9. Do not talk with a mouth full of food.

10. Do not masticate so loudly that others can hear you. Also remember to chew with your mouth closed.

11. Do not pick your teeth at the table. If you need to remove food from your teeth, do it in the privacy of a restroom.

12. Do not fold your napkin perfectly when you are finished eating. Instead, lay it loosely on the table or in an imperfect fold. Remember to hide soiled areas from public view.