Attending art events can be daunting for the newbie. There are rules to follow. Conversations to be had. And while doing all that, you are supposed to display a certain amount of savoir-vivre. For some, it can be a bit too much. So, for the newbie, we recommend you start out slow.

Learn the basics. Do the basics. And then, move on. Here are our top 3 basic rules you should follow when attending art events for the first time…


1.. Do not say you don’t like the art in front the artist. Wait until you leave the event to share your opinion. You don’t want to offend the artist or ruin the experience for others. If someone asks you for your opinion, find something about the painting that is pleasant. It can be the size, the colors used, the art movement, the style, the subject…

2. Do not get drunk or high on drugs. A lot of events offer free alcohol. This is a courtesy you should not abuse. Drunken and disorderly behaviour should be avoided at all cost. Not only is such behaviour disrespectful, but it will also prevent you from being invited to other select events.

3. Do not speak loud or shout. No one needs to hear you from across the room. So, adjust your voice to the noise level of the event. If the event is quiet, keep your voice low. If there is music being played and lots of conversation, raise your voice only enough to be heard by those next to you. You don’t want to distract others or prevent them from hearing their own conversation.