Old world styles are rarely discussed when it comes to women and traveling. And that is a shame when so many women are traveling today. So, we would like to discuss a few styles with you in hopes you will help start a new trend and bring back old world hotel stays. Let’s begin!

1.. When staying at a fancy hotel, a lady should arrive looking like a star and never leave her room looking less than one. In older movies, actresses would dress ever so glamorous when boarding a plane or cruise ship and would walk into a hotel looking fresh and expensive.

Even if this is not normally how you dress, give it a try. Hotel stays offer ladies a chance to live like someone else for a time. Instead of having to buy a closet full of glamorous or classic outfits, all you have to buy is a suitcase full.

With that said, make sure you still follow dress code guidelines. And always use caution when choosing clothing to wear while on the street. Your glamour should be appropriate and simple when walking on the street or in the airport. You do not want to attract thieves. So, do not travel wearing lots of expensive jewelry. Leave those pieces for appropriate events. Remember glamour can be informal as well as formal.

2. When arriving with a lot of luggage at a fancy hotel, a lady should allow a hotel attendant to take her luggage out of the car and to the front desk. After checking in, she should request for her luggage to be taken to her room. This will allow her to approach the front desk and walk to her room with elegance and dignity. It is hard to look dignified when you are pulling and carrying a bunch of suitcases.

3. When traveling with a lot of luggage, a lady may send them ahead to the hotel if she has already reserved and/or paid for a room. This will make her travel and arrival less cumbersome. But this should only be done at luxurious and reputable hotels. It is also best to formally request this extra service so that the staff and room will be properly prepared. To do otherwise may end with luggage being misplaced.

4. When traveling alone, a lady should request a gentleman caller to have the hotel’s front desk staff call her room once he has arrived. She should not wait for him in the lobby or dining room. Instead, he should be waiting for her to appear and grace him with her presence.

5. If a lady is staying several weeks in a hotel and gentlemen come often for visits without notice, she should suggest that they come with a calling card or business card. This way if she is unable to receive them, they can leave the card at the front desk. They should also include her name on the back, just in case the desk clerk forgets who the card is for. He may also write a short note on the back for her. A card is so much more pleasant than a desk clerk saying “a man came by to see you” or nothing at all.

6. When eating in a dining room alone, it is best to take a book. It makes waiting for food a lot easier. It also keeps a lady from looking bored, nosy, and like she needs attention.

7. When looking for unique entertainment at a fancy hotel, a lady should ask a hotel’s concierge for help. They are usually the most versed when it comes to what is happening in their city. They can also get her tickets to exclusive events and arrange for personalized services. With some luxury concierges, the sky is the limit. Just always remember to be considerate and respectful. You are after all a lady.

8. When traveling with a lady’s maid, a lady should reserve two adjoining rooms. It may cost more, but it is more convenient. It also provides a better appearance to those watching.