There’s nothing like visiting family and friends. It’s a chance to relax, laugh, and catch up on what is happening in each other’s lives. But no matter how close you are to someone, there are still rules you should always follow. And the majority of them are based on respect.

Whether family or friend, no one likes to be disrespected, especially in their home. Now, disrespect is relative. A 20 year old’s idea of disrespect is often different from a 70 year old. But there are still a few basic codes of respect we can all agree on. Here are eight…

1.. If you visit someone’s home uninvited, do not stay too long. If the person had plans, cut your visit short and excuse yourself. Be aware some people hate unscheduled visits. So, do your best to call first.

2. Always dress appropriately for your hostess. If your hostess is conservative, do not arrive in a mini-dress. If your hostess is very casual, do not arrive in fancy clothing. If your hostess is poor, do not arrive in a dress that looks and is worth hundreds of dollars. The purpose of a visit is to get know someone and create good memories. If you annoy or make your hostess feel inadequate, you will be defeating the purpose of the visit.

3. Unless specifically requested, never take any of your pets to a friend or relative’s home. If the person has a pet, you can ask the person before you set the date and time if you can bring your pet over. If the person says, no, do not force the issue. Respect their rights.

4. Always sit in the chair or sofa you are directed to sit on. Do not sit on the arms or back of the chair or sofa. Do not sit on the table or on the floor. Do not stand when you have been directed to sit.

5. Do not put your feet on someone’s table while sitting, unless directed to do so. It is disrespectful and unsanitary.

6. Do not get drunk or high on drugs. Drunken and disorderly behaviours should be avoided at all cost. Also never drink so much you vomit or urinate on your hostess or the floor. There is no exception to this rule. Such behaviour will put your hostess in an awkward situation of deciding how best to handle you.

7. Do not criticize your hostess. No matter how much you dislike your hostess’ decor, food, drinks, or the kind of sugar she uses – you have no right to criticize her. Such actions will not make your hostess feel happy about herself or the visit. The exception to this rule is if your hostess asks you for your sincere opinion.

8. Always respect your hostess’ home. Don’t destroy it or dirty it. Don’t bring chaos into it. Treat it as you would treat your grandparent’s home.