Some people like to think that all behaviour is acceptable at hotels. This is not true. Although a hotel is not your home, it is still someone else’s as well as someone else’s business. The same way you want others to respect your home, family and place of work is the same way others expect you to do the same. Now, let’s discuss some etiquette rules for staying in a hotel like a lady!

“The hotel is one place where men and women are most likely to make embarrassing blunders and commit humiliating mistakes. At home, or even when visiting at a friend’s home, a boor may remain undetected. But how quickly the truth appears after he has registered at a hotel!”- L. Eichler

1. Do immediately go to the check-in desk upon arrival and register. You should not allow the staff to watch you walking around the lobby aimless or as if you are searching for a celebrity or looking for attention. Nor should you look like you cannot afford the place. This can get you mistreated by the staff or even kicked out.

2. Do not loiter in the lobby as if seeking companionship. If a lady is to meet a friend, she should arrange a meeting at a specific time and wait for the guest in the lobby a few minutes before the specified time.

3. Do be considerate and respectful to all who work in the hotel. Never be arrogant or deriding.

4. Do not scold an attendant or make a scene if you are dissatisfied with a service. It is better to complain to the manager in a quiet, but firm voice. Making a loud scene is always inappropriate.

5. Do call ahead of time and reserve a room. This will prevent you from having to search for another hotel if that hotel is booked. And it will prevent you from having to loiter in the lobby waiting for a room to be readied.

6. Do carry luggage with you when checking into a hotel. Ladies should never stop at a hotel without baggage. Otherwise, she may appear to be a woman of the night or about to engage in activities she would rather not do at home. Even if your stay is only for a night, you should bring something, like a weekender bag.

7. Do allow a hotel attendant to carry your luggage from the car and into a hotel at a fancy hotel if you have a lot of luggage. Ladies should not approach the check-in desk laden with suitcases. It would make the approach very undignified. If your chauffeur helps you with your luggage, he should only take it as far as the entrance. To do otherwise may cause a disturbance in the hotel’s porte-cochère (or driveway).

8. Do receive gentlemen who call upon you in the hotel’s reception room, cafe, or dining room. Ladies should not entertain gentlemen in their room, especially strangers. This rule does not apply for close family members or your partner.

9. Do not dine alone in the hotel dining room after 8 o’clock. This is an old rule, but it is still useful if you want to avoid strange men approaching you and insisting on a late night rendez-vous.

10. Do reserve a table if you will be hosting a large party in the hotel’s dining room. You may even choose the food and wine to be served ahead of time to avoid any confusion or waste of time. But know you must also pay the bill.

11. Do tip the waiters who serve your meals, the maid who cleans your room, the porter who helps you with your luggage, the concierge who helps arrange your entertainment, and anyone you send on an errand.

12. Do respect a hotel’s interior. Accidents do happen. But anything else should be avoided. Never damage any part of a hotel on purpose.

13. Do keep the noise level down, especially after 9 pm. Not everyone is on a vacation. Some people may be working out of their hotel room or early the next day.

14. Do watch your children and keep them under control. It is bad etiquette to allow your children to run around like hellions. It is also unsafe and unwise to do so today.