With women traveling so much lately, we decided to do another post on travel etiquette and tips. Traveling can be stressful. By following these rules, you can eliminate a lot of stress for yourself and for other travelers. Let’s begin!

1.. Do respect the customs of foreign countries when you are visiting them.

2. Do not give the impression in a foreign country that you think your country is the best country in the world, or much better than the country you are currently visiting.

3. Do not take too many suitcases when traveling for short periods of time. It is a burden on you and on anyone who takes pity and decides to help you carry them.

4. Do not travel with a lot of expensive jewelry on. It will attract too much attention, including the attention of thieves.

5. Do only wear expensive jewelry to appropriate events if you must travel with expensive jewelry. And make sure to take a car or taxi to the event. You should not walk an unfamiliar street while wearing expensive jewelry.

6. Do say thank you to someone who helps you on your travels – from opening your window to giving up a seat for you.

7. Do not share personal information with strangers when traveling. And never burden a stranger with your problems.

8. Do not discuss very personal information with a close acquaintance in front of strangers when traveling.

9. Do not accept transportation from a stranger when someone forgets to pick you up. It is safer to walk or call a taxi.