For those of you who still travel by train, we wanted to do another article on train etiquette for you. If you haven’t read our first article, please do. Displaying etiquette while traveling is so very important. It makes traveling much easier for you and for others.

Here are 19 rules for traveling on a train…

1. Don’t be discourteous to anyone on the train. Train trips can last an entire day or two. Don’t make the trip hard on others or yourself. “It is the quiet, dignified manner that commands respect; not the exacting, fault-finding and imperious one that so many women like to affect.”

2. Don’t claim more service and comfort than you are entitled to. And don’t encroach upon the rights of others.

3. Don’t scream at the attendants or make a scene. If you have a problem, inform the manager in a respectful and dignified manner.

4. Be considerate of other passengers’ comfort. Don’t put your feet on their chair. Do not place your luggage in the aisle, forcing passengers to either hop over it or trip. Do not blast music out loud. Only listen to music with your headphones on.

5. Do not display boisterous behavior. Loud laughing and talking are inappropriate and inconsiderate on a train. No one is enjoying it but you and your friends.

6. Be calm and collected. Don’t exhibit restlessness by walking up and down the aisle, re-arranging your belongings, shifting loudly and drama-like in your seat, or do other fidgety behaviors.

7. Do not discuss family affairs or converse loudly about people. Definitely do not sit criticizing or picking someone apart. It is not a pleasant conversation for strangers to overhear. Remember trains are public places too.

9. Do not talk about another passenger on the train, even in another language. It is highly rude. You never know who is listening nor who can understand the language you chose to mask your rudeness.

10. When traveling in a sleeping car with others, know the person who has the lower berth is entitled to the seat facing forward while the one with the upper berth has the seat facing backward.

11. When traveling in a sleeping car with others, it is courteous to ask those who are sharing the sleeping car with you for permission to bring down your bed. If you want to go to bed early, you should make a decent excuse why you are inconveniencing everyone in the car.

12. When traveling in a sleeping car, a lady should carry with her a dressing gown and she should wear it over her pajamas at night when she is not in bed.

13. When traveling in a sleeping car with others, do not spread your belongings out, invading other people’s space or blocking the door.

14. When making a request to anyone, especially an attendant, be kind and courteous. And always say “thank you”.

15. Do say “thank you” if a gentleman kindly gets up and relinquishes his seat to you.

16. Do not get angry and scream over uncontrollable problems like a two-minute delay. Remain calm and collected. It is in bad taste to start shouting and cursing, especially for small unavoidable inconveniences.

17. When traveling alone, do not be overly-friendly, especially with men. There is nothing wrong with talking about the scenery and traveling. But there is no reason to have a very personal conversation.

18. When traveling with children, make they sure they remain respectful, considerate, and orderly throughout the trip. It is ill-mannered to allow your children to run up and down the aisle, climb over seats, play noisy games, or touch other passengers, especially with dirty hands. Pack for them something that will keep them quiet and entertained for the trip.

19. Do not pack smelly foods to be eaten on the trip. Strong food odors can make people nauseous on a train. So, avoid eating foods like tuna fish sandwich and garlic bread.

Courtesy, composure of manner, and calmness distinguish the cultured traveler. Let this be you!