Balissande Finishing School is made up of seven academic divisions, teaching thousands of students across the globe how to better the world with a bit of manners and knowledge. Scroll through our subjects below to see what we offer.


We can study the history of the world and the evolution of society through art. We can also refine our tastes by studying the aesthetics within different art styles. In this section, we offer courses on art movements, art styles, and artists.


We can improve the world with a bit of refinement. In the past, this ability was provided only to aristocrats and the wealthy. Today, we offer this ability with courses on how to speak, eat, dress, entertain, and much more.


We can all leave an elegant mark on the world with just the right outfit. In this section, we will teach you how to dress for your shape, for your skin tone, for the occasion, for the time, and for the season.


We can study history by studying literature. We can see the evolution of society and sometimes even see our future. We can fall in love, travel the world, live in castles, and fly with just a good book. In this section, we offer introductory lessons on letters, poems, stories from around the globe. We place an emphasis on words that inspire, enlighten, and encourage love.


We can refine our tastes by listening to music of different styles and from around the world. We can also lighten our moods, increase our passions, heal minor aches, and much more. In this section, we offer courses on different musical styles and their uses.


We can help evolve humanity by evolving ourselves. One of the best ways to evolve ourselves is to study cultures, religions, landscapes, art, and politics from around the world. In this section, we offer courses on everything to do with travel.


We can evolve humanity by evolving our relationships. Relationships affect the way we are, the way we think, the way act, the way we are received, and the way we see the world, our world. In this section, we will discuss various aspects of relationships, ranging from the type to the maintenance of them.


We create more changes and inspire more people when we speak with diction, articulation, and a charming voice. Having inspiring messages and insightful ideas are very important. But our ability to speak in a way that brings people together harmoniously is just as priceless. So, in this section we will share ways to improve speech and conversation abilities.


We can refine our senses by refining the decoration schemes of where we live and what he host. Decoration is an art form with which every lady should be familiar. So, in this section we will discuss the many different and beautiful ways we can decorate our homes and events.