What is a finishing school?

A finishing school is a type of school that young women traditionally attend before getting married or entering the workforce. Finishing schools teach women a diverse range of skills and knowledge from how to dine to how to dress. However, their primary focus is on etiquette and deportment. Finishing schools provide young women with the tools they need to effectively navigate social environments. Some like Balissande also teach how to navigate professional environments.

What are the requirements to attend Balissande Finishing School?

The only two requirements needed to attend Balissande Finishing School is to be 18 years of age or older and to have a strong interest in learning etiquette.

Are there any security measures in place at Balissande?

Mental health, emotional health, and physical health are very important to us. So, yes, we have several security measures in place. First, we do not share the full name of any of our students with other students or the public. Second, we allow students to participate in school assignments and discussions anonymously. Third, we encourage students to only submit photos and videos that comply with their security needs. Fourth, we allow students to submit assignments and participate in discussions privately. Fifth, we understand every student lives a different life and thus has different needs. So, we encourage students to tell us what we can do to help them feel safer.

Must I live in a particular country to attend?

No, you do not have to live in a particular country or city to attend Balissande. We accept students from all around the world. You also do not have to remain in one city for the duration of your enrollment. That is the main advantage of an online school. Freedom.

My contact information has changed since I submitted my application. How can I correct it?

It is important that you inform us, via email or the contact form, of any contact information change, including your mailing address. If there are any problems, if we need to respond to an assignment you have submitted, or if we need to send you something — it is important we have the information needed to do so. If you are concerned about security, let us know. Together, we can find a method that works well for both of us.


How many courses does Balissande offer?

Balissande has no set amount of courses or programs it offers throughout the year.

Are all courses being offered visible to the public?

No. Balissande often provides courses, guides, and programs for enrolled students only. These items cannot be seen by the public.
Enrollment in a course, guide, or program does not guarantee that every student will have access to student-only courses, guides, or programs. Access depends on the course, guide, or program you are enrolled in.

Are all the courses taught in English?

Yes. All courses, programs, and guides are taught in English. A strong knowledge of English is essential for studying at Balissande.

Do you offer teacher training programs, accreditation, or certificates?

No. We do not offer any teacher training courses. We also do not offer accreditation or professional certificates. We only offer a certificate of attendance or completion, for a few programs.

Do you offer private lessons, in-person or online?

We do not offer in-person lessons. However, we do offer online private and bespoke courses, guides, consulting, and programs. If you are interested in building a customized lesson-plan, please contact us. If you are interested in private consultations, please contact us.

Can I concentrate on etiquette rather than deportment or style?

If you order a bespoke program, you can concentrate on any of the subjects we teach. Our primary subjects are etiquette and deportment. Our secondary subjects are style, elite customs, and elite knowledge.


Are there any extra costs?

Some of the courses and programs have an extra cost, and some don’t. All extra costs are external. This means after you purchase a course or program, you will not need to give any additional payment to Balissande.

FYI: The finishing programs have extra costs if you do not already have the item needed. Some examples of extra costs are a video camera and adequate internet service. A purchase list is provided to students once enrolled.

Do you offer any scholarships, discounts, or financial assistance?

No. Balissande does not offer any scholarships, discounts, or financial assistance.

Do you give refunds?

No. Balissande does not give refunds. Before purchasing a course, program, or guide, please make sure you are purchasing the item you desire, make sure you are interested in said item, and make sure you have time to dedicate to your study.