The Internet’s leading institute on etiquette and taste… teaching modern grace and timeless style to women around the world.

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Balissande Finishing School is a modern adaptation to traditional finishing schools of the past. It cuts through the pomp and circumstance and brings finishing school into the world of technology – accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Balissande offers lessons, exercises, and tips on various subjects including etiquette, social skills, self-empowerment, house management, cultural diversity, luxurious living, the arts, and style. The online format gives students a chance to study at their own pace, wherever they want.

Balissande Finishing School’s focus is to not only teach good manners and style but to also open students’ minds to the world of diversity. It aims to cultivate kindness and tolerance across the globe, one student at a time.

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Daughters of finishing school graduates and descendants of politicians – our team of professionals are the finest in the fields of etiquette, travel, fashion, art, and language. Their varied experiences bring Balissande Finishing School high levels of sophistication, savoir-vivre, and insight. Together they work to teach the importance of social etiquette and multi-cultural understanding. They also work to prepare students for their roles as professionals and role models.

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December 4, 2018: The online course, How To Design & Host Dinners, is now available for enrollment.

November 16, 2018: We created a new account on Instagram called Wardrobe Styling for Ladies. There, we will be posting our fashion diagrams and style tips. We will no longer be posting these diagrams on our official Instagram account.

November 13, 2018: Announcement… changes on the way!

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Dinner parties are fun affairs. They are the perfect events for us ladies to dress up, meet new people, practice our manners, have great conversations, and eat wonderful food. So, let’s discuss our responsibilities at such events. Just like hostesses have a responsibility to their guests, so do guests have a responsibility to their hostesses. … Continue reading ETIQUETTE: 20 TIPS FOR ATTENDING A FORMAL DINNER


Hello ladies! This Saturday, we are diverting from etiquette lessons to share a few beauty tips. There’s nothing like smooth skin, a well-shaped brow, white teeth, a glowing complexion, lustrous hair to take your elegant style and graceful demeanor to the next level. So, we’ve gathered 3 videos from YouTube to share some tips and tricks … Continue reading TOP BEAUTY TIPS EVERY LADY SHOULD KNOW!