Below is a list of courses currently available at our online classroom. This list is often changed. So, please come back often to see our latest works.







Elegant Deportment, an 8 week course by Balissande Finishing SchoolThis is an 8 week course on elegant deportment. It is the most in-depth deportment course on the internet with exercises, lessons, and tips on walking, sitting, upper-class mannerisms, and so much more. If you are really interested in developing grace and poise or standing out from the crowd and giving yourself an upper-edge, this course is for you. We provide detailed explanations and use diverse methods to make sure you learn as much as possible during the length of the course. To sign up for the course, please click here.


ONLINE COURSE: HOW TO DESIGN & HOST PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIETY DINNERSThis is an intensive level course created by family and friends of diplomats and seasoned hostesses… for ladies who have the desire to hostess successful dinners for professional reasons like work, fundraising, & introductions; or for ladies who want to become leading society hostesses – whose invitations are highly sought after, whose home becomes a fashionable venue to visit, and whose dinners become legend. The tutorial has 20+ lessons and is much more in-depth than anything you’ll find on this blog. It includes downloads, exercises, secret boards, recommendations, and so much more! To sign up, please click here!

Online Course: How To Write, Send, and Reply to Dinner Invitations taught by Balissande Finishing SchoolEvery lady should know how to send and answer an invitation properly. So this course covers all the etiquette rules regarding informal and formal dinner invitations. It also offers advice and examples for clarification as well as recommendations. To sign up, please click here.

“Poise, grace, elegance, refinement, and savoir-faire are the end result of study and practice. They are not a birth right. No, indeed. They are rewards for years well-spent.”