According to the latest news reports, France is discussing the creation of taxes to target those who fly around France in private jets. It is part of their goal to fight climate change.

Some other measures being considered now are: asking owners to limit flights, forcing owners to reveal details of their flights, and requiring individuals and companies to pay a fee if they go above a pre-selected threshold of green-house gas emissions.

Clement Beaune, France’s Minister of Transport told Le Figaro that every French person is making an effort to fight climate change. So, he is calling on those who can do more, to do more.

Some are saying that this measure is in response to the public outrage over private jet use, specifically those who make numerous flights in one day or who are using high-emitting planes to travel short distances, instead of using a car or train.

Beaune explained to France 24 that private jets are becoming the symbol of a two-tier system. So, it is time for some regulation. He is also considering regulations for owners of mega-yachts.