Exquisite, exceptional, enlightening, engaging, extraordinarily elegant… Dior’s 2022 haute couture collection was so beautiful it brought tears to our eyes.

Where to begin? There’s so much to gush over.

The collection itself was quite simple with its reserved color palette. Most outfits were actually monochromatic. But the details! The details! The details! They were exquisite!

Some examples are the embroidery detail in Looks 3, 12, 21, 28, and 30; the lace patterns in Looks 7, 17, and 23; and the carefully constructed pleats in Looks 3, 4, and 32.

This collection was more than design, it was about craftsmanship. There were no shouting prints or designs to shock the crowd and obscure mediocrity. No, we were allowed to spend the entire time gazing in awe at the little details.

Dior’s cutters, plisseurs, dentellières, and brodeurs deserve special recognition for these masterpieces.

The collection was old world… more conservative than liberal, more elegant than chic, more graceful than stiff, more refined than crude. It was a collection for art connoisseurs.

What was your favorite look?