Car clubs have been around for over a century. They started out as social clubs for men. They evolved a few decades ago to include women. And now, not only do women have their own car clubs, they also have their own supercar clubs.

If you do not know, supercars are the fastest, most luxurious, most powerful, most rare, most expertly designed, and most unique cars on the market. They also are the most expensive. And every year, as the number of wealthy females increase, more women become supercar owners.

When there used to be none, today the world has 4 women-only supercar clubs. Here they are…


The Arabian Gazelles is the first all-women supercar owner’s club. It was founded in 2016 by Hanan Mazouzi Sobati in Dubai. It has 100+ members from about 18 countries. These women include business owners, C-suite executives, and housewives.

The club provides scenic drives, road trips to exclusive locations, access to racetracks, and curated exclusive experiences (eg. supercar test drives, workshops, and discussions with brands on vehicle design).


Heels & Horsepower is a car club for women who own a supercar or ultra-luxury car in the Houston, Texas area. It was founded in 2018 by Diane Caplan. In 2022, it was bought by Alex Blair. Heels & Horsepower offers scenic drives around Texas as well as club events like brunches, charity balls, and luxury car shows.


Women’s Super Cars Club (WSCC) is based in Spain. It was founded in 2021 and premiered at the Barcelona Motor Show in which King Felipe VI, alongside the Count of Godo, visited their stand. It has est 150 members.

WSCC offers scenic drives and road trips in Spain as well as supercar test drives and presentations. They also host lunches, afternoon teas, and cocktail parties, and provide tickets to events like Madrid Fashion Week.


Queens Drive Club (QDC) was founded by Ritika Jatin Ahuja in India in 2022. It hast an est 40 members. It offers members scenic drives, test drives, culinary experiences, drive & stay weekends, and gatherings that include food, music, foot & shoulder massages, and tarot card readings.