Supercars — from marques like Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, Hennessey, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Pagani, and Porsche — are the fastest, most luxurious, most powerful, most rare, most expertly designed, and most unique cars on the market. They are also the most expensive.

Very few people can afford these supercars. And there are fewer who want to purchase them. The ones that can afford them and want to purchase them are most often men. Due to this, many men as well as women believe that only men want to buy and drive supercars. And this is far from the truth.

Women-only supercar clubs like Arabian Gazelles are changing the way people think.

Not only did the all-female supercar club provide women a safe space to meet other female supercar enthusiasts, Arabian Gazelles also provided women the opportunity to drive their supercars comfortably without any questions, censure, mansplaining, or criticism as a result of their gender.

Women were not treated as passengers or bystanders. They were not seen as inferior drivers to men. Instead women were seen as the driver, lover, and owner of a supercar. They were in the power seat.

This meant they were expected to not only have opinions on supercars, but to also own their opinions.

Women-only supercar clubs like Arabian Gazelles also fought for a “seat at the (supercar) table”. Now, manufacturers approach them for ideas on vehicle performance and design as well as brand perception and marketing.

This is what makes women-only supercar clubs important. They empower women to step-up in a male-dominated industry as well as to challenge an entire industry that is still today dominated by gender stereotypes.

If you compare the number of supercar ads in male-orientated magazines to those in female-orientated magazines, you will see the disparity and bias. Some women have also remarked how when shopping at a supercar dealership with a man, the salesman will attend their male partner first even when the salesman was told it was them, the female, doing the purchase.

Empowerment and evolution are not the only factors that make women-only supercar clubs important. Excitement and thrill are other factors.

Membership in a women-only supercar club is a wonderful way to create exciting memories and to make new friends with similar interests. For those who love to travel, these clubs also offer travelers a chance to join different car clubs around the world, immerse themselves in different cultures by participating in local club events, take scenic road trips designed by locals, and visit off-the-beaten-path hotels and resorts they may have never encountered on their own.

Simply put: women-only supercar clubs challenge stereotypes while providing wonderfully thrilling experiences.