Are you looking for luxury abaya (kimono) designers? As you probably already know, there are many abaya designers around the world, in all price ranges, from the $20s to the $1000s. But very few have the uniqueness as the ones below.

What makes them stand out? First, it’s the designs. Not all abaya designers can create an aura of sophistication, creativity, or glamour. But these do. Second, it’s the details. These abayas are carefully crafted to create a specific effect. And finally, it’s the materials. These designers use premium fabrics to create their art. And their price tags reflect that.

So, whether you are interested in abayas for religious, style, or travel reasons, we are sure you will find an abaya in one of the stores below that will make you feel gorgeous, confident, and maybe even, bold.


Nishida Shaheen is a luxury abaya brand based in Dubai. Shaheen’s goal is “to educate modern woman about the vast array of abayas available and how to dress fashionably without breaking the modesty.” She wants to raise the standards. And we must say her designs are ultra sophisticated, glamorous and luxurious… haute quality.

Nishida Shaheen sells both informal and formal abayas. Her abaya prices go up to USD $1,000s.


Chi-ka is an ultra chic abaya and kimono brand founded in Dubai in 2016. Their collection features luxurious artisan-made silk kimonos, abayas, kaftans, and dresses. Their signature line is hand-painted and hand-embroidered, and made with pure silk. Their designs have been featured in Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire.

Chi-ka offers custom length alteration, viewings, and fittings. They also offer home service for those in the UAE. Their abaya prices go up to USD $1,000s.


Vaya Fashion was founded in Dubai in 2019 by Suad Al-Fozan. The brand sells contemporary abayas – from houndstooth hooded abayas to muted tones coat abayas. Al-Fozan’s goal is “to deliver the finest fabrics with the most detailed tailoring services to each and every customer.”

Vaya Fashion offers tailoring and customization. Their abaya prices go up to USD $1,000s.


Hessa Falasi is a luxury abaya brand founded in Dubai in 2011. The brand creates contemporary styled abayas for both formal and informal events.

Hessa Falasi offers body measurements and alteration services. They also offer complimentary home service appointments which includes having their entire collection brought to the comfort of your home. Their prices go up to USD $800s.

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