Fall is around the corner. And with it comes scenic drives through red-roofed forests… pumpkins, apple pies, turkey, and cardigans. And we cannot forget the wines. As it gets cooler and meals start to change, so do our wine choices.


Apple picking generally runs from August to October. So, it’s a time for apple pies, apple meat stews, apple gravies and sauces… We love eating apples in the fall. That means we also love drinking wines with medium to strong apple notes. Two types of wine we recommend come from the same grape variety, Chenin Blanc.


For autumn, we recommend first, the rich, full-bodied Chenin Blancs that has been aged in oak. This wine has notes of apple, honey, pear, and cream. It is high in acidity. So, it pairs well with richer dishes like roast pork with apple gravy and Thanksgiving turkey.


Sweet Chenin Blanc is a fortified white wine common in France’s Loire Valley. It is made from late-harvest grapes and has notes of ginger, honey, apple, and peach. It pairs well with apple pie and other fruit pies and tarts.


When temperatures drop and the wind starts to gets harsh, we like to drink spicy wines to keep warm and vibrant. These wines can taste peppery or explosive with an added mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and clove. Two spicy wines we recommend are…


Syrah (also known as Shiraz) is grown around the world. It has a strong flavor and a peppery kick. Its main flavours are dark berries and black pepper. Syrah’s are best paired with red meats like roasted lamb.


Grenache (also known as Garnacha in Spain) a red wine grape variety that is popular around the world, especially in France, Spain, and the United States. It has notes of berries, cherry, anise, tobacco, pepper, and oak. It pairs well with roasted meats and stews.