Wine subscription clubs are clubs that send members bottles of wines several times a year. The types of wine they send, the number of bottles they send, and the frequency they send them depend on the subscription joined.

Most clubs offer at least 2 subscriptions, usually at different prices.

There is a club for every taste and interest. There are clubs that focus solely on red wines, on champagnes, on rare expensive wines, on Italian wines, or even on organic wines. There is also a club for every wealth level. Some are as inexpensive as $29/month and others as expensive as $4000/year. Some clubs are open to the paying public and some are invitation-only.


According to Statista, there are over 11,000 wineries in the United States alone. And according to The Wine Economist, out of the 11,000 wine companies in the United States, 50 of those wine companies account for the majority of sales in the US (for domestic wine). You can read more about their research on the U.S. wine industry consolidation here.

These statistics are just for the United States. They do not account for the thousands of wineries and boutique vineyard-wineries in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Caribbean islands, and Oceania.

For example, did you know that South Africa has a vineyard that is 332 years old? It is called Groot Constantia. And leaders from around the world – Napoleon, King Louis Phillipe of France, Frederic the Great of Prussia – have been enjoying it for centuries.

Did you know that Germany has a vineyard that is more than 1150 years old? It is called Staffelter Hof. Going back to 862, it is the 6th oldest operating winery in the world.

Despite their age, you are not likely to find these two brands (or brands like them) at your local grocery store or wine shop. You are also not likely to find wines that are sold in limited-edition, nor wines that are rare or overly expensive. Some fine wines are not even sold by the vineyard, but are gifted instead.

And then there’s just the simple reality that most wine shops are incapable of stocking every wine from the 30,000+ wineries and vineyard-boutique-wineries around the world.

This is why wine subscription clubs are important for wine lovers and those who want to educate themselves on wines. Wine curators are able to obtain wines you normally would not even know of. They do the research and purchasing. They use their wine education and/or experience to determine if the wine is worth shipping. Then, they handle all the shipping details, which can be daunting especially when the wine is coming from another country.

They do all the work. And you enjoy the fruits of their labor from the comfort of your home. That’s the beauty of wine subscriptions!