At one time, the handkerchief was meant to be hidden, like one's underclothes, for it was regarded as an article of toilet. But this rule proved utterly futile. The beauty of the handkerchief - its exquisite lace embroideries - made it too beautiful and too effective a weapon to be hidden. The handkerchief can be … Continue reading HANDKERCHIEF ETIQUETTE


Handkerchiefs… ah, the romance of them! They have been around since before the Renaissance era, dainty-fying both ladies and men alike. Handkerchiefs, also known as hankies are small, hemmed, square-shaped pieces of fabric used for personal hygiene or as a fashion accessory. A handkerchief can be made of cotton, silk, or linen. It can be … Continue reading WHERE TO BUY LUXURY HANDKERCHIEFS