There are many reasons why a lady should carry a handkerchief in her handbag when she leaves her home. The main ones are: it is useful, eco-friendly, and unique.

Handkerchiefs provide an elegant way to dry parts of your body. They can be used to dab sweaty palms when you are nervous, wipe away tears when you’re attending a wedding, dry fingers when you have touched something wet, and dab the end of your nose if you feel it draining.

Another reason to carry a handkerchief is they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Unlike disposable tissue paper, they are re-usable. The high-quality ones are made with 100% cotton, linen, or silk. This also means they can be a healthier option for your skin.

Handkerchiefs can also be used to change the atmosphere around you. When sprayed with perfume or floral scents, they can offer minutes in heaven or even comfort no matter where you are.

Another reason to carry handkerchiefs is: they have an old world charm to them. They are dainty, old-fashioned, and feminine. They are also rarely used. So, by discreetly using one in public, you change the quality of your persona and re-direct a storyline.

Is it necessary to carry a handkerchief? Certainly not.

It is no longer a rule of etiquette or savoir-faire to do so. Today, carrying one is just about style, not necessity. It is like pairing a boater hat with pearls and a suit like Coco Chanel. It’s just style… unique style.

Handkerchiefs can also be used, improper but practical, for impromptu or poorly planned events. For example, if you find yourself at an impromptu meeting that requires you to sit on grass while wearing a white dress, you can spread out a clean handkerchief on the grass and sit on it. This will protect your dress from getting grass stains.

If you find yourself at a picnic that has no napkins, you can use a clean handkerchief as a napkin. If the picnic has no plates, you can also use a handkerchief as a plate to hold small, dry items like bread, nuts or grapes.

If you find yourself in a restroom without disposable towels or an air-dryer, you can use a clean handkerchief to dry your hands. If you get caught in the rain, without a towel or napkin in sight, you can use a handkerchief to dry your face and hands.

Although handkerchiefs are an old tradition, they still serve many purposes today.